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Why Is It Essential for Rwanda to Race to Zero Carbon Emissions?

Why Is It Essential for Rwanda to Race to Zero Carbon Emissions?

Rwanda is on a mission to help lead Africa towards a much greener future.

Africa is already facing the significant consequences of climate change, and will only continue to do so as long as immediate action is not taken to defend the planet.

Water shortages and droughts have been threatening food security on the continent, while extreme weather changes are impacting development. Not to mention, natural disasters caused by climate change have led to population displacement.

But while Africa is having to quickly adapt to these climate-related changes, it’s incredibly important to note that the continent is the least responsible for climate change, and yet it is the most affected by it. However as climate change affects absolutely everyone, there’s no other option but for African nations and their leaders to step up and help to clean up the mess — even if it isn’t entirely theirs to clean up.

One such country leading the continent in taking immediate environmental action is Rwanda. The country is home to Kigali, which holds the title of the cleanest city in Africa. Its leadership has consistently implemented green strategies to reduce negative impacts that Rwanda has on the environment.

Their determination has already seen the country increase forest coverage to 30% of all land area in the nation, a goal aimed at reversing deforestation which they reached in 2019. With that success, it seems that Rwanda is becoming more and more motivated to do their part in protecting the planet.

The country has committed to the race to zero emissions, a global effort set out by the UN with the aim for participating regions to reduce their carbon impact, and secure an environmentally stable future.

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