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Biden Pushes U.S. – and the World – to Help Climate Migrants

Biden Pushes U.S.—and the World—to Help Climate MigrantsHe has ordered a government study of climate change's impact on migration, including options for refugee resettlementA growing number of migrants are forced from their homes each day by climate change, and President Biden signaled last week that he wants the United States and the world to pay more attention to the problem.His first step in that effort was the approval of an executive order Thursday that directs administration officials to undertake a six-month study of climate change’s impact on migration, including “options for protection and resettlement.”The changes under consideration could far surpass current international practices, experts said—potentially vaulting the United States to global climate leadership after President Trump spent four years dismantling the United States’ capacity for both climate action and refugee resettlement.Climate migrants lack protections under international refugee laws, despite their ballooning numbers.“Those of us who have been working in this space have been waiting for this kind of development—and at the highest levels—for years,” said Maxine Burkett, a professor of international and climate change law at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.Originally designed for people fleeing armed conflict or persecution, the international refugee system is unequipped to help people displaced by climate impacts. It struggles even to define them, because climate change is often an indirect or contributing factor to the proximate causes of migration, such as famine or floods. #climatechange #carboncompensation #bluesky #climateemergency #climatecrisis #blueskye #blueskyefoundation #compensate #greentechexchange #zerocarbon #climatenews #wastemanagement #blueskyelife #theclimatestrike #globalheating #biodiversity #climateprotest #climateactivist